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Personal Domains

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Personal Domains- the forces in your life

Personal domains are made up of the forces and sub-forces that move through your life, and in many cases bring about change. When these forces pressure you or motivate you, they are driving forces in your life. Below, six forces and sub-forces are described that are common to all people, and are a part of every person’s life from birth through death.

  • ACTIVITIES- All the things in life that you DO. School, training, self-improvement, work or career, religion, sports, hobbies, travel
  • FINANCES- Everything in your life related to your finances. Income, expense, assets, liabilities, investments, risks, insurance
  • HEALTH- Everything related to health and health care, except funding. Physical and mental health status, conditions or diseases, medications, diet and exercise, medical care, personal care
  • HOUSING- Everything about where you live. Home, care facility, community, nation, region, climate
  • SOCIAL- Everyone that is part of your life. Family, friends, co-workers, community, advisors, organizations, communication
  • TRANSPORTATION- All the methods and equipment you use to get from one place to another. Mobility, personal transport, car, public, special, long distance



This is an example of how a graph can be created using your own life data. The numbers across the top represent age. The descriptions on the left, from "Very Hi" to "Very Lo" represent quality of your life. Below, you will find a form on which to make graphs for each personal domain.

On the forms, draw a line from birth through each year to the present that represents the quality of your life within that domain for that age.

Next, extend the line out to the end of the next life stage as though all the events in that time were the
BEST you could plausibly anticipate (green line). Then extend a second line into the future representing all the WORST plausible events for that domain (red line).

The two lines that you have drawn on your graphs should grow further apart as they go into the future, due to the increasing uncertainty of the future. The area between the lines is the cone of uncertainty, and that is the area in which you will create scenarios, the area of plausible futures. The area outside the lines is where wild card events that cannot reasonably be planned for, such as winning the lottery, occur.

If that last part is a little confusing, don't worry, it will become more clear as you assemble all your information for your scenarios later.

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