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Life Events

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Events occur throughout life, and some events have greater importance than others. When considering possible future events, there are several questions you may wish to answer.

   What is the probability of this event occurring?

   When in life is this event most likely to occur?

   What impact will this event have on my life?

   Is this a positive or negative event? A turning point?

Answering these questions will help bring potential events into perspective. You should also consider events that you want to have happen, including goals. And think about events that you would prefer to avoid or minimize. Below is a list of common events that often occur during specific life stages. These may help you as you plan for the next stage in your life. At the same time, consider events that may occur in the lives of your parents and your children, as what happens in their lives may impact your life as well. 



These examples are common among middle class people in developed countries, but may vary with socioeconomic class, culture or country. This list is only a guideline to help you think about events in your future.

What constitutes a high impact event? That will vary between individuals. Psychologists have studied the impacts of events, but these studies tended to look at immediate impacts, as in the death of a spouse or family member, the highest ranked events in those studies.

Turning point events, those events that change the direction of your life (marriage, children, career change, retirement), have longer term impacts. You will have to determine which events are important or high impact for you, because this is about your future.


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