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I'm still here!

In March of 2020, I caught Covid, which has substantially changed my life, but things are getting better!

In March of 2020, returning from a ski trip to Lake Tahoe, I caught Covid. Long Covid.

I didn't feel any illness at the time, but very gradually, brain fog set in. I was still writing in the summer, and I delivered a presentation via Zoom for a conference of futurists in the Fall. Then the brain fog came down hard. I could not write, I could not even think well. I would sit at the computer and read, but little more. Hardly any communication. I just dropped out of sight. A year later, my cardiologist referred me to a neurologist, who suspected (and confirmed)  a small stroke. She prescribed Memantine, an Alzheimer's medication for memory. It worked! Over about 3 months, my memory improved greatly, and my brain seemed to be working again. Then, in January of  2022, despite all precautions, I caught Covid again. Once gain, very mild.

Almost immediately, my memory and my brain started moving back to brain fog. My neurologist suggested I wait and give the Memantine time to work, and it did. My memory returned, but the brain fog persisted, although getting better now.

I have no complaints! I'm healthy and happy with life!